Shoe Chronicles pt. #2


I saw these Hwat Fendi Python-effect leather sandals on Kim Kardashian while she was on the red carpet for the Sex and The City premier in LA last month and I knew I had to have them. These multi-color Fendi Sandals are available at Saks for $930 but continue reading to find out where you can get these Fendi sandals on a budget for less than $50 (YES $50) and check out the hottest fashionable accessories to match with these shoes.

Peep these Fendi Python look-A-likes from Bakers (Johanna) for $39.99. They also come in yellow as well. Shop:
*Picture by Camy


Anonymous said...

Wow! when I saw these in bakers the other day I did not know they were Fendi(original). You do know your fashion I see..

Tammy said...

Yup! Check back next week for more shoe deals on a budget & thanks for visiting.