Shoe Chronicles #3-Who wore these?

Guess who was rock’n these Gold Sparkly Christian Louboutin high-heel-pumps at game 7 between the Lakers & Celtics last week? I’ll give you a hint; she is part owner of “DASH” in Miami & LA. These Christian Louboutin Red Bottoms, which are $800 are hott & if you continue reading I will tell you where you can find them for as low as $80 as well as see who rock’d them at the Laker game.
If you guessed Khloe Kardashian then you are right. She was seen at game #7 cheering her husband Lamar Odom on with her sister Kim and mom rock’n these sparkly red bottom stilettos with a pair of hott shear leggings from American Apparel.

If you really want these shoes for the summer and you are on a budget, you can purchase these shoes from Remix NYC on 14th street for $250 and Bakers (picture below) for $79.99.
*BTW- Sarah Jessica Parker wore these stilettos at the Sex and the City premier in May.

Kim & Khloe at Game 7
*Seen at Bakers

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Anonymous said...

I love these shoes! I don't know so much about the bakers brand but the shoes that Khloe is wearing are nice.