Nicki Minaj


This might be the first and last time I post something of Nicki Minaj (well except for her shoe game). Many people are tired of seeing and hearing about Nicki Minaj because she is all over the place.  It's funny how I didn’t hear you guys say that same thing about Lil Wayne or Drake jumping on everyone's track. Nicki has her whole line of colorful wigs, funny facial expressions and is on everyone’s songs just like Lil Kim was back in the day. Many people are saying that she is trying to be the next Lil Kim (Fashion wise) but I say that Nicki Is smart. She sat quietly, took her notes and waited her turn. Nicki is “branding” as a rapper; this is why everyone is a Barbie, most girls are sounding like her and trying to copy her style . She knows what she is doing and believe it or not we desperately need a female MC right now and she is the answer. You can’t sit here and tell me that “Beam me up Scotty” wasn’t a hot mixtape because I still play it to this day. So while everyone is tired of her just think who else do we have right now as a female MC that is hot right now??? NO ONE!

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