L.O.V.E by Roquel B.



Love is a crazy thing people go through!

It can make u happy. It can make u sad. It can make u give up on it!

Love is an indescribable feeling that people can't just talk about it only show it!

Love is a mystery that nobody can ever figure out!

It’s a rollercoaster that have u going up & down & around & around!

S0o0 u tell me, is love knock’n at ya door or is it from the people that really show it 2 u rather than talking about it?!

A true person shows luv when they accept u for who u are!

-R0quel B.

*Picture by Mayr
**Poem by my lil sis Roquel

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Lastgreat1 said...

Whaaaat, very nice cuz, very nice