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Diary of a Blogger | I'm Having a GOOD Hair Day
Posted on September 4, 2013 ◄

Please excuse my facial expression. the sun was in my eyes prior to taking this photo

Tammy's Confessions: I am OBSESSED with You Tube hair blogs. I find myself on You Tube for hours everyday looking at some of my FAV hair guru's who can do wonders on the hair.  My favorite(s) right now are: Tiarra Monet, EvesChild848, FabulasityisMe and Morgan Taylor to name a few.

Pictures above is my Kim Kardashian inspired hair with my BIG curls, which are giving me life right now. This is a quick weave that I was able to put in myself with some leave out at the top (I don't do lace-fronts), and I took my 2' inch curling iron and curling wand to master this FAB curls you see right now ( A total of 25 minutes to curl and master this look)

Another inspiration/ helpful tip to help me master this look was this video from Tiarra Monet on how to perfect the right curls to bring my inspired Kardashian curls to life. check video Below:

If you follow me on Instagram (Drakes_Right_hand) you would know that I was/ am feeling myself the day I posted this video/ pictures of my good hair day.  

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