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NYFW | NOLCHA Fashion Week | Fashion Illustrations
Posted on February 21, 2013 ◄

 Designers: Carlos Aponte for Anna Sui | Claire Thompson for Dos Caras Swimwear | Clifford Faust for Mikailee Alton | Ed Marion for Jungwon | Jennifer Lilya for Anna Sui | Lauren Gowdie for Aisha x Artini | Mara Cespon for Aisha x Artini | Meagan Morrison for Custo Barcelona | Nadeesha Godamunna | Rina Iwai for Ruffian | Sarah Dahl for Lilly Lorriane

 So I am the NEW Co-Organizer for NYC Fashion Bloggers Meetup group along with Brandon (who is the Organizer) and together we will have so much to offer (events/ meetups) for New York Bloggers. The very 1st event we covered for our NYC Bloggers Meetup group was the NOLCHA Fashion Week.

Since we see all of the fresh designs on and off the runway I thought it would be a GREAT idea to look at the designs through the eyes of a Fashion Illustrator. Thanks to all of the members that showed up last week at well as Brandon, The FAB Illustrators and FAB photographer Lily Qian for these FAB photos... and MORE to come

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