A Fendi Bag x Femmes With Benefits GRAMMY Brunch

I am SO behind with this post as well as some of my NY Fashion Week coverage (Please excuse me) but I would like to just take some time out to say a very special Thanks to my "Patna" in crime Sojo (above) from Femmes With Benefits for a wonderful brunch. We may NOT have had a lot of people show up (Damn Snow) but none the less we had a GREAT time. 

Thanks to Kim (KIMBERLY LUXE | Femmes With Benefits) for being apart of this as well, BIG Thanks to the BIG man Jerrell Horton for hosting this event and last but no least Thanks to everyone that showed up. This was just the 1st one BUT it wont be the LAST brunch from us.... 
Look out for MORE A Fendi Bag x Femmes With Benefits collaboration coming SOON!


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