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Yani is a "Shoe Wh*re"!
Posted on August 22, 2011 ◄

Check out blogger Yani over at "The Life of Yani" who has a DOPE shoe collection...
Ladies can we say “Shoe Wh*re”?! Check out her “Shoe Obsession” below:
Tell me about your shoes?
I have to admit I own more black shoes than I should. They all have their own uniqueness to them. I have a little bit of everything, from nudes to pinks, reds, purples, gold, grey, leopard, stripes. This list goes on! I like to go for shoes that stand out and make a statement. 

How many shoes do you own? 
I never really knew how many pairs of shoes I had until I got my new shoe shelf. The math is 4 shoes per hole and there are 25 holes = 100 shoes. As I mentioned on my blog my 9 month old has claimed the bottom 3 holes so no shoes will be placed there and I chose to keep some shoes in boxes plus whatever I have on my mini rack. Give or take I say about 130. Makes me want to go count now! 

What is the most expensive shoe that you purchased? 
I don’t think I’ve spent anything over $150. My take on shoes is if they look good on me and are on sale for $5 I’ll take them, whether that is an expensive brand or an off brand at a trendy store. 

What is your favorite shoe?  
Working in the office field, I’ve grown a bond to my peep toe BEBE pumps. Super comfortable with enough edge in the office without getting any comments that my shoes are too “much”. All my shoes are my favorites even if I’ve only worn them once. 

Who is your favorite shoe designer and why? 
I don’t have one.  I love all different styles of shoes. There are many creative designers in this field that’s it’s hard to choose.
 I need these Ikea shelves
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