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Katrice is a Shoe Wh*re
Posted on August 1, 2011 ◄

Check out my girl Kartice over at “HighHeels & Good Meals” and her "Shoe Obsession"

Tell me about your shoes?

My shoes are like the rainbow and all colors in between!  I have every color you could probably think of.  I like to buy shoes that I don't think I'll see too much on other people whether it's because of the color or style.  Hey if it looks good on me, I'll take it!! 

How many shoes do you own? 

 I never really knew how many pairs of shoes I had until recently when my brother came to visit me, saw my closet and said "Dang Trice!  How many pairs of shoes do you have?!?!?" So I counted them and was surprised to find that I have 103 pairs of shoes!  The crazy part about it is I always feel as though I don't have enough! 

What is the most expensive shoe that you purchased? 

While I am obsessed with shoes, I haven't gotten the courage to purchase any shoe over $200.  I am lusting, as every other shoe freak probably is, over Christian Louboutin’s and it is definitely on my bucket list to own a pair someday soon!  I can guarantee those will be the most expensive shoe I own!

What is your favorite shoe?  

I really do LOVE all of my shoes!  If I had to choose though, I would have to say my LAMB Rodericks (I wear them quite often) and for the winter I can't get enough of my thigh high strappy boots!

Who is your favorite shoe designer and why? 

 I honestly can't say that I have a favorite designer because I have several shoes that I love by several different designers.  I have noticed the Sam Edelman has really soft and comfortable shoes which is always nice.

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