Confessions of a Shoe Wh*re

Hi my name is Tamanika (Tammy) and I am a "Shoe Wh*re." Yes, I said it a Shoe. Wh*re. I have 6inch or higher heels on my mind everyday 24/7. When I am sleeping, eating, at work or even in a meeting all I think about is my stiletto’s, pumps, heels, wedges etc. 
My shoes has their own room with shoe racks, candles, rose peddles, mirrors, designer shoe bags, everything needed to make it look like my own shoetique. Each shoe is color coordinated, arranged by color, style as well as seasons. One day I brought three pairs of the same shoe in different colors (now if this isn’t a shoe wh*re then I don’t know what it is). 
Many say that I need help but I say: 
Sometimes I cringe and get scared if the shoe salesman comes back without the shoe in my size. I am such an addict I have at least 40 different shoe sites bookmarked on my computer for when I shop online. I don’t think I need help, I just need to find my own Shoe expert/ShoeNista who can pick out my shoes for me. 
Hmmm.. that is it… That is my next task, hiring my very own Shoe Expert. 


"Men I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know" 
-Carrie Bradshaw

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