Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Corner Store Mami

You could say that I'm good on almost any block (street term), lol 
and in this case I was GOOD on this block.

Don't get use to this NEW photo today. 
It was just my LUCK that I was able to find someone to take my photo. 
I'm not like your FAV blogger(s) who has content for DAYS... I have content for about 3 days and a sista has to stretch them photos out. 
Oh yeah, and don't look for any photos coming soon (besides that ones dropping next week Thursday for my Birthday :). It's C O L D in the city and I don't have to time tying to find my angles, best looks, looking cute and finding the right location to take photos in this cold NYC weather. 
I'm good.... Meet me once spring rolls around. 

Outfit details:
Grey cargo Jeans- A.N.A- JC Penny
Grey sweater- H&M- (a few seasons ago)
Purse- TopShop
Teddy Coat- Burlington (Coat factory)- can't identify the designer. 
Beanie & Grey sneakers - Primark 

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