And In A Fendi Bag Fashion, This Is How We Celebrate | A Fendi Bag & A Bad Attitude Turns 8


Someone recently asked me how long I've been blogging and my response was six years.
Believe it or not I had to check and take a look at my blog post to realize that I've been BLOG'n for  eight years.... EIGHT years of BLOGGING & Killin' sh*t. 

Now normally I would go ALL out with my pictures to celebrate my Bloggerversary,
BUT this year I totally forgot about it. 
I've been having them days where I question if I still want to blog or not. 
I'm still (somewhat) consistent on all social media as far as this here blog is concerned. 
I just sometimes feel like I'm not doing enough, not an influencer, not social media/ blogger popular as some will say, buy HEY, Tammy has bills to pay, Sallie Mae to dodge (lol) and I am continuing to following my dreams to become Principal (deets coming soon!). 

I found this spot Sunday morning (8am) while playing photographer 
to my little sister who graduated College on Tuesday (Shout-out to the Class of 18') and once I was done taking her photos she encouraged me to take a few as well. 
You know a sister ALWAYS keeps a pair of heels in her purse just in case. 
Since I didn't have anything planned/special photos to celebrate my blog, I thought this would be the perfect moment and location to take a few flicks of myself in the park where a carnival was set up to celebrate EIGHT years of blogging. 

Overall... Thank You for your support. 
Welcome NEW followers and Thank You to my veteran BLOGGER gals who have been there since day one.  
I may not always post but one thing about me... At the end of the day I still have LOVE for my baby,  My Blog, A Fendi Bag & A Bad Attitude

P.S.- I have so MUCH content (photos) in my camera roll. I will be back Blogging SOON!

Outfit Details:
Jeans, shirt & shades- Primark, Moto Jacket- Forever 21, Sandals- Zara

Roquel B.

L O C A T I O N | The Heights, Jersey City 

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