Fashion Friday | Street-Styling | Black & Leather


For my birthday (Last week) we BRUNCHED... I ate and dressed my a$$ off...
Of course I wore black (denim shirt underneath) but I was all BUNDLED up to fight this cold NYC weather... and get this.... I FOUND this vintage skirt hidden way deep in my closet. 
This was my Great-Grandmothers leather skirt... 
As you can tell she had STYLE & Passed it right along to me

*I wore this leather skirt for my birthday... 
My Great-Grandmother passed way a week before my birthday back in 2009

RIP "G-Ma" Linora

Outfit Details:
Black fur vest- Karma
Leather Skirt- VINTAGE 
Thigh-high boots- Forever 21
Leather gloves- Aldo 

L O C A T I O N | Chelsea (18th Street)

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