Fashion Friday: It's NOT Even My Birthday...

BUT I'm Still Celebrating 
Birthday Dress ... Split sleeve sweater dress (KNOW Style) x Black & gold studded clutch (Forever 21) Christian Louboutin satin pumps (Barney NY)

*Via Instagram- Drakes_right_hand

 A Fendi Bag x Femmes With Benefits Brunch at Parlor... February 10th

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Mary M. said...

Love the color of your dress and the Loubis are just to dies for!!

Have a nice weekend,
Mary x

Miss Daja said...

You looked amazing!!!!

p.s. looking at your pics on the left hand side, I pegged you to be at least 5'7 - 5'9.. I'm probably completely wrong but standing next to Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily, you look super short. lol
How tall are you?

Miss Daja

Tammy said...

Thanks Mary

lol.. I am short Daja... I am what I heels are super tall. I am no where near 5'7 maybe 5'2- 5'3..