Monday's "Must- Haves"

These are ALL of the things that I need today to get me in a GOOD mood… Monday’s Must-Haves
 1. Purple PUMPS
2. Spiked bra
3. Nails did... 50 Shades of Grey... Signature flask (By the end of the day I MAY need a DRANK
4. Zara Sandals
5. Arm Tattoo

UP  NEXT…  Confessions of a Shoe Wh*re.. Zara Heels


Anonymous said...

Hope you get those shoes as a must have!! I will pass on the flask but loving everything else!!

Unknown said...

love the sparkly bra :)

Alexandra Marie

Ebony Styles said...

I'm in love with those purple pumps. You are right, I must have them!

LA Lynn's said...

Those purple pumps though...!!!!!!!!

Kimberly said...

All purple everything!

And those purple Jeff Camps & spiked sandals, HAUTEattack.


Miss Daja said...

That doped out bra is the business. My friend started studding out a corset but I'm gonna have to find her a cute bra to stud out for me!