It's Dip..Dip.Set! (Reunion Concert)

Here is some footage from last night's Dipset concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom, which was CRAZY!!! They started the show off with 'I'm Ready" & the crowd went CRAZY... If you wasn't there then you missed the best show EVER because Dipset brought the WHOLE CITY OUT!

Shout- Out to: JIM, CAM, FREEKEY, & JUELZ for putting on a dope show

"Welcome to New York City...NO.. Welcome to DIPSET CITY!"

*I'm not going to mention about all the contact I caught by the all the smoke, the fight & the couple humping in the corner<Side-Eye
**For more on the Dipset Reunion Concert check out Miss. Info  where she interviewed Freekey (who shared how he had s*x with a females armpit), footage from the re-union as well as a Ustream of the whole group as they discussed old stories and shared how they are waiting for Juelz to add in some bars for the Dipset Album.  Also check out LowKeyUNTH for photo opp's of the concert
***BTW-Freekey & his stories has me feeling some kind of way right now... He. could. get. it along with Juelz.


Anonymous said...

Tam, you are a TRUE Dipset fan. After this feature & everything else I now believe you

Tammy said...

See... I told you.. Now can you please tell them?!.. No groupie though (Lmao)