Two things I want to try before the summer is over, “Bull riding and a Hookah”. "Hookah" is the name of a large water pipe that originates in India, but gained popularity in the Middle East, mainly in Turkey and Iran. It is a large pipe that utilizes water and indirect heat for smoking. The tobacco for the hookah is called “Shisha” and it comes in different flavors like, lemonade, strawberry, and peppermint, just to name a few.

"A lot of people are going to Hookah bars to eat, drink and smoke the hookah pipes because It is a cool way to socialize"-Renee.

My favorite lounge “Katra” has some of the best/exotic shisha flavors to offer as well as some great Moroccan food and belly dancers.

Check out these pictures of my girl Renee, who has her own hookah set at home I’m jealous. Don’t worry girl I will be done Philly soon to enjoy a Hookah with you at Byblos so get ready!


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markson said...

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