Sex and My 6-inch Heels

Sex & My 6-inch Heels
"I don’t know what I love the most... Sex or my 6-inch Heels.
See to me sex can last, 5, 10, 20 minutes, h*ll even up to 2 hours. Sex is an art that two people make, the positions, the noises, the chemistry, it paints the story.
My heels on the other hand give me the best orgasm that I’ve ever had, shoegasm is what I call it. 

Just like sex, my shoes come in different colors, sizes and they also make me scream and sweat just by rock’n them on pretty little feet. 

One thing about Sex and my 6-inch Heels is that you can wear them and have fun with both of them together. 

You see to me the perfect 6-inch heel can take me to ecstasy

The perfect 6-inch heel can make you feel sexy

The perfect 6-inch heel will never disappoint you

The perfect 6-inch heel will have the next b*tch envy you

The perfect 6-inch heel will be just about the only thing that he wants to see you in."

**This is an OLD post that I wrote back in & July of 10’.. just thought to bring it back and share to my FAB readers.



Anonymous said...

Ha ha .. very Clever

L. said...

HOT!! I loved it! At first, I had to re-read and made sure you were talking about what I thought you were talking about...and you were! LOL

P.S. You ALWAYS have the BEST music on your page!

Looms, Lids, anda Layers said...

Girl you are a fool!! This was a great and exotic post! Loved it! Happy Holidays!

Beauty or Swaag said...

haha loveeee it !
you couldn't of put it any better!

& I love that you have Wale on your playlist <333
I love him , being from Virginia , that's whats in my ears alottt

great post love

xoxo, Shariece

Bella said...

OMG yessss, TOTALLY agree, I'm such a shoe whore I have many lovers (pairs) lol

Carmen Vogue said...

This is cute. Love your blog! I hope your holidays are going great.



La Femme Tres Chic said...

I love your tribal shirt...really cute..Nice blog btw..

Sole Girl said...

lmbo i absolutely love it...why not both?!?

Mallory In New York said...

I love your top!! Tribal is such a pretty print. :)

Dre said...

I love this, Tammy! I get so much pleasure from my heels as well. Only a fellow 6-inch walker would understand :-)

Unknown said...

I love that printed top gorgeous x