February's Finest Presents: "Right By Your Side"

Check out this dope poem from my boy Steven over at February's Finest1. Click on the title to check out his page

A set of eyes can tell you a million stories. And as look into your eyes and see the pain that is in them, I just think why does someone so beautiful on the inside and outside constantly be forced to go through so much. The saying goes "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"; which is true. But how much can one person take before they go over the edge. Whether its family issues, trouble at work, problems with exes, and now losing a childhood friend, no one should have to go through all of that alone. So to my friend who has been through this and more, even though I can't be there all the time to comfort you and put a smile on your face, I will be there in spirit.


**Tammy’s thoughts: Even though Eva & Lance are no longer together I still love this photo & want everything that it represents….Love

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