Drink of the Day- PurpleKisses


Eff what you heard... I officially have my own damn drink. When I went out for the 4th of July weekend this sexy bartender decided he wanted to make me a "special drink on the house". He used every ingredient imaginable to make my special drink. I sat & watched him as he mixed my drink while given me his sexy look with his pretty brown eyes. Once he made my drink he asked me what should we called it and once I saw the exotic colors (especially the purple) you know I had to say PurpleKisses. He asked me why I choose that name, I told him ,we exchanged information and I am glad to say that he is now one of my newest and favorite followers... Hey Tweetie! (Wink)

PurpleKisses Ingredients
1 oz. Vodka
                                                        1 oz. strawberry liqueur
                                                           1 oz. pineapple juice
                                                          1 oz. Passion fruit juice
                                                          1 oz. Lemonade


Wannabeloved77 said...

Omg!! I love it! Such a cool story! Congrats on your new friend

Tammy said...

Hey Lady.. Thanks & yes he is fiine (lol), I hope you did it up yesterday for ur birthday!

Anonymous said...

Tam, you are the only one that I know that can make getting a drink sound sexy. smh (Tiff)

Tammy said...

LMAO.. yes girl/ you know how my mind gets..