What's in your bag?

A female has a bag for every occasion. I have over 40 bags that I change every day that contains contents like: (4) different lip gloss, (2) mirror's, my ipod, condoms (of course), gum/mints, my wallet along with everything else that I just threw in my bag. So my question to you is "Whats in your bag?"


Teresa said...

1. cell phone
2. lip gloss
3. sunglasses
4. a little umbrella
5. a wallet
6. mac mirror
7. 'layers' bubble gum
8. hand sanitizer

& most of the time a camera..

now that i think about it, i don't know how all of this fits on my bags! i guess that's why i like big ones!!!

loving ur blog<3


Tammy said...

haha.. I got you.. I have a lot of things in mine as well including lip gloss.. Thanks for visiting