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Katty Xiomara | NOLCHA Fashion Week | J.R. Ewing Bourbon
Posted on February 18, 2015 ◄

Tis' the season for Fashion Week.... NY Fashion Week at that. This season I decided to lay low on the fashion week festivities and attend just a few shows/ events... LuLu*s Style Studio and NOLCHA Fashion Week . Now I usually attend all shows during NOLCHA but this time I could only attend one... Katty Xiomara... 

Katty Always bring a few A-list celebs to her show during NOLCHA. From Kat Graham to Zendaya to now Christina Milian (pictured above) sitting front row at her shows, Katty is definitely UP NEXT.. One of the things I like about this collection (as I do each season) is that it is very versatile, the different prints, mesh, lace, geometric abstract that can be seen through out the collection. Oh! and how can I forget the BRIGHT make up... especially the red eye makeup (eyeshadow) coming from the models lids to their eyebrows (FIERCE). 

Overall I LOVE this collection... the creative side, the pieces, the hair and makeup... 
Katty Xiomara NEVER fails me during NOLCHA Fashion Week. 

To learn more about Katty Xiomara click (HERE)

Before I go... Let's not forget about the wonderful sponsors for NOLCHA Fashion Week.. One in particular, J.R. Ewing Bourbon who personally invited me to NOLCHA's fashion week to try their new bourbon.
Now for those that know me know that I am a white wine type of gal BUT I must say this bourbon HIT the spot. Keep in mind that here in NYC was 14 degrees out side (COLD) so this bourbon added some kind of heat to my body, lol. It was real smooth prior to tasting it and get this... It passed my smell test.  I usually smell all alcoholic beverages that I taste prior to tasting it so that I know what I'm getting myself into.  J.R Ewing Bourbon wasn't strong but lite (light) and easy.
I would recommend it.

To Learn more about J.R. Ewing Bourbon visit their website (HERE)

L O C A T I O N  | Pier 59

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