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Valerie is a Shoe Wh*re!
Posted on November 7, 2011 ◄

Valerie is a Shoe Wh*re

Hey ladies…. I am back at it on my “Shoe Obsession” post looking for all my FAB ladies & gentlemen that have a HOTT shoe closet. 

Up next we have blogger Valerie from “5k Fashionista” and her shoe obsession….  
1. Tell me about your shoes?
I own a variety of shoes. I have to admit, a lot are more functional and versatile than stylish, like my snow boots, rain boots and flats. Heels are definitely my weakness though. Most of my shoes are pretty classic styles and colors, with a few that really make a statement.

2. How many shoes do you own?
I have over 30 pairs, I try not to have much more than that. When I buy new shoes I tend to donate older ones.

3. What is the most expensive shoe that you purchased?
I don't buy many expensive shoes, but the most I've ever spent was on my shoes for prom. I ordered them online for about $120. They were these red Nina pumps, with crystals on the heels. I definitely want to find another occasion to wear them because they're hot shoes.

4. What is your favorite shoe?
My favorite shoes are a pair of boots my boyfriend got me for Christmas. I moved to Boston last year and the city has a bunch of cobblestone streets which do some serious damage to heels. He bought me these black over the knee boots that are flats! I fell in love instantly. I wear them everywhere in the fall or winter. I recently had them re-heeled, because they've seen so much wear.
5. Who is your favorite shoe designer and why?
For a high end designer I love Christian Louboutin. His styles are classic but edgy. This is a dream shoe for me though, I can't see myself shelling out that amount of cash anytime soon. My day to day favorite has got to be Steve Madden because they are affordable, comfortable and stylish

UP NEXT….. Style Watch...Tights

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