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Alicia is a Shoe Wh*re
Posted on November 21, 2011 ◄

Alicia’s Shoe Obsession
Check out Alicia’s interview... We can tell that she has a great eye for a great pair of shoes and also has a FAB collection... 

Check out her interview (below) as well as check out her blog “Fasali’s Blog” and don’t forget to tell her that Tammy sent you.

1. Tell me about your shoes?
My shoes are a mix of sandals, pumps, boots but mainly ankle boots; I find them fascinating as you can incorporate them in most outfits.

2. How many shoes do you own?
I believe I own around 23 pairs of shoes; the number has been shrinking as I now tend to buy shoes that I will only use. It's so easy to buy shoes for the sake of just liking them but I now stick to my '3outfit' rule- If you can think of at least 3 outfits to wear with the shoes you want to buy then they are a must otherwise, as impossible as it may be I say 'no'.

3. What is the most expensive shoe that you purchased?
I believe they were a pair of Marc Jacobs flats, they cost around $200 if I remember right, unfortunately I only used them once and forgot them back in the states, they are now my sister's favorite shoes haha. My loss her gain.

4. What is your favorite shoe?
As much as I love ankle boots, my ultimate favorite shoe is from Asos; black velvet pumps, which are so comfy even if the heel is 11cm, I can stand on them for hours and be perfectly fine, plus they go with everything and the biggest plus of all they were in the sale. Great shoes for every occasion.

5. Who is your favorite shoe designer and why?
Whoa! This question is rather hard, but I would have to say Acne just because the boots they make, and how versatile they are and once you wear them in there's no way you can stop using them.

UP NEXT... Shoe Pick of the Day: Brian Atwood

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