Confessions of a Shoe Wh*re

Check out these DOPE Christian Louboutin spiked Sandals that Keyshia Dior had on the other day.  Now y'all know that I am a Shoe Wh*re and know all about "Spikes & Red Bottoms" but I think that these were specially made for her because I cannot find them anywhere. I know when it comes to designing and creating with spikes many Fashionista's use Spikes and Studs to add to any clothing, shoes, and bags & that is what I am seeing with these HWAT shoes that Keyshia has on.. OH YEAH.. peep her Sass & Bibe Leggings that she is rock'n with these Red Bottoms.. WERK!


Sophia said...

woah, those are crazy !! I don't think I could pull those off in a million years but all the same, completely fantastic I love studs and spikes on bags and jackets!

Really great blog name by the way, a new classic for sure.


Tammy said...


Now following BTW


stephaniejoellelouise said...

wow, i like that....


The first time I saw those leggings I had a heart attack.

I'm a sucker for shoes too Tammy.

By the way, yay for NEW YORK bloggers!


Tammy said...

Welcome to my club.. "Shoe Lovers" :)



LeiPoshHips said...

I love these !