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Posted on June 2, 2010 ◄

“Yeah, to fill up a drink for me/Yeah, to fill up my tank for me/Yeah to put something in the bank for me/I got myself a sponsor”

Let’s talk about “Sponsors”. What’s your definition of a “sponsor?” because my definition is someone is who throws them dollars at you whenever you need it. Most females are out here looking for a sponsor to take them on trips, buy them the new Christian Louboutin’s (Red bottom’s), pay their rent or in my case help me get Sallie Mae and Wachovia off my damn back for these school loans. Many people believe that if you are looking for sponsor then you are a “hoe” or a “gold-digger” Lisa Raye set us back didn’t she? It’s funny that when a male can talk about the same thing or even how many females he smashed “it’s hot” but let a female go that route and NOW sing about a “sponsor” she is looking for trouble. Shiii.. we have Diddy out here sponsoring every female and child in the world and I know a couple of females and Males that would love for Diddy to sponsor them (remember #SponsormeDiddy?) I see no one complained about that but now that Teairra Mari is talking about it everyone is calling her a hoe, her video was even banned from BET and now some people are saying she set us females back with this song. *Girl-Bye/ NEXT!

“It ain't tricking if u deserve it, it ain't freaking if I'm worth it"- Raheem DeVaughn

“Spend all my lady's chips . . If her card declined, you need to check that shit & run again & if I get a car she makes sure to pay the lease”- Drake: “Throw it in the bag remix”

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